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Our Acting Courses are short intensives designed to kickstart and top-up your screen acting training in a big way. From day courses in motion capture to deconstructing specific pieces of film, joining Team T3 for a course is guaranteed to put you on the track

The Intensive One Day

From £75

Whether you’re new to the industry or a professional looking to hone and develop skills for the screen this one-day intensive is the perfect workshop for you! We will discuss the industry, and give practical tips and hints for working on screen. Using top of the range equipment, in a well-equipped studio, we will lead you through the process of delivering a performance on screen, in the clearest and most honest way possible.


You will walk away with footage from the day to use in your show-reel with a true understanding of acting for camera. There will be an end of the day Q & A and an opportunity to enjoy an informal networking session.

5 Day Acting Course

£500 for 5 days

Run by our professional team from all sides of the industry, this 5-day course will give you everything you need to set you up for the Screen. Whether you're a beginner, a musical theatre performer trying to break into Film or a Stunt Trainee trying to get your qualifications for the British Stunt Register (BSR), our 5-day course will get you towards what you need!

We have designed this course specifically so that we can break down the barriers and push you to the next level in Acting. There will be an array of teachers and professionals on hand to truly bring your experience to life. 

There will be an opportunity for you to connect and meet other professionals (Some you may one day work with), Tons of Footage for you to take away and use in your showreels and a certificate proving you have completed our course.

We will discuss the industry, and give practical tips and hints for working on screen, we will use top of the range equipment so you can get the best out of the training, the workshop will be hosted in a well-equipped studio and on occasions go on Location. Our team will lead you through the process of delivering a performance on the screen to the best of your ability and do it in the clearest and most honest way possible. 


Intense training for Screen Acting - covering Eye Lines, Continuity, Shot Size’s, Stunts and more. Giving you everything you need and would expect on a film set. The insight you always wanted.


You will work closely with our Director and Screen Acting teacher and be given Scenes suited to your casting type. You will gain an understanding of how to rehearse the right way, how to use your strengths to the best ability, how to work in a team and truly get the best out of your screen performance.


Students will get in front of the camera and film using everything they have learned over the past few days. We will work closely with our production company Shot By T3 and get the best footage we can of every Student! This will be a real opportunity to get to grips with the pressure of filming on set and working to a call sheet.


On the last day, we will continue Filming and then round up everything we have learned, we will have a Q&A with special industry guests and then loopback at everything we have filmed. Certificates will be handed out and a well needed Wrap party will commence! 

Once the course is complete we will properly go through and edit all material for you personal and professional use! Perfect to be added to any showreel!

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